Bootcamp for Law Students

The annual CCASA Legal Bootcamp was held over the period 18 –19 February 2017 at the Stellenbosch University.


Over a hundred anxious but bright eyed and bushy tailed law students hailing from a range of universities across the Western Cape (Stellenbosch University, University of Cape Town, the University of the Western Cape, ‘Leadership in Law’ Programme and Varsity College) filtered into the lecture hall early on Saturday morning, armed with the CCASA Bootcamp Survivor pack.


They were all attending the two-day Bootcamp with one main aim – to learn more about the kaleidoscope of legal offerings which will be available to them all when they leave the confines of their lecture halls and enter into the wide world of law.


CCASA’s Legal Bootcamp, the brainchild of Leonie Ellis, owner of the legal recruitment firm “Leonie Ellis Placements”, was launched some four years ago by the Corporate Counsel Association of South Africa (CCASA) at the Faculty of Law of Stellenbosch University.


Now in its fourth year, the CCASA Legal Bootcamp is run over a period of 2 days with the sole aim of educating law students on what the legal world holds for them when they complete their law degrees.


This course blows  the lid on the word of law wide open, enticing the students slowly in, challenging and stretching them, scaring them but at the same time assuring them that they have made the correct career choice – one which will be exciting and will open many doors, both exciting, challenging and sometimes quite daunting, but one which will always challenge and stretch them as well as awarding and benefiting them at every turn, in many many ways, allowing them to consider all opportunities which may be available to them once the law degree has been completed.


The course has been designed to cover a wide variety of interesting and revealing topics including the following:


  • Career choices available to law graduates;
  • Advice on how to start planning one’s legal career path and related journey which will be challenging, may change and will experience roadblocks, the odd accident and undoubtedly a number of detours;
  • Communication and networking skills – an interactive session presented by DaleCarnegie Training on how to ensure that the first impression is a good one and how one goes about effectively communicating with others;
  • Advice and life stories from a range of legal professionals, including advocates, attorneys, corporate counsel, compliance officers, forensic investigators and experts hailing from academia;
  • How to write a sound CV;
  • Interview tactics and what to say and what not to say;
  • Corporate dress code and behaviours;
  • Building a career step by step;
  • When to start applying for articles and how this may be done;
  • Alternatives to articles – if you dare;
  • Building an international career if you lucky.


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Thank you to the following sponsors who all contributed in the same way to make a success of the 2017 Legal Bootcamp.