Knowledge Box

A number of CCASA members have highlighted the need for a set of guidelines and best practice papers on certain issues currently challenging in-house counsel.

These include:

  • how to deal with an Attorney outsourcing work without client’s permission;
  • internal audit oversight over legal fees – procedures for auditing and querying legal fees;
  • procedure for attorney on legal panel joining a legal department as general legal counsel or legal advisor and how to manage possible conflict of interest;
  • outstanding fees;
  • commercial clients taking over an existing law firm to function as in-house counsel;
  • reporting guidelines for general counsel and possible problems with reporting to CFO/CEO;
  • use of foreign qualified general counsel and risks;
  • secondment of attorneys to assist in-house counsel;
  • leadership qualities and challenges;
  • composition of an in house team, qualifications, objectives and targets.



Alison Lee, CCASA’s CEO, gather information from time to time which is collated into topical Best Practices guides and published under this section. You are invited to add to the items on the list. Please e-mail your suggestions to Alison Lee:


Members can select the category of interest from the list below to read more on the topics