Membership of CCASA is, upon approval by the membership committee, open to Corporate Counsel, Company Secretaries, Compliance Officers, Risk Managers, Paralegals (with the necessary qualification as proof), Auditors, Law Firms, practising Advocates, Legal Consultants and Employment Agencies specialising in the legal sector.

A person who qualifies for membership may join as an ordinary member or as a representative of his/her employer organization (in which case that organization joins as a corporate member and has as many corporate counsel representatives as it requires). A person who does not qualify for ordinary membership may apply to join CCASA as an associate member (again as an individual or as a representative of his/her employer organization).

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Who can join CCASA?

Applicant is to show that he / she

  • is a fit and proper person to be so admitted;
  • is 21 (twenty-one) years of age or older;
  • is a South African citizen or is ordinarily resident in South Africa;
  • actively and bona fide practises as a corporate lawyer; and
  • is or is entitled to be admitted to practise as an advocate or as an attorney in South Africa; or has satisfied all the requirements for the degrees of Baccalaureus Legum, Baccalaureus Procurationis or Baccalaureus Iuris of any university in South Africa, or any degree which, in the opinion of the Board, is equivalent thereto; or by virtue of his training and experience is, in the opinion of the Board, qualified to practise as a corporate lawyer in South Africa.
  • by virtue of his current or past employment has, in the opinion of the Board, a bona fide interest in the association; and
  • by virtue of his membership will, in the opinion of the Board, contribute to the attainment of the objects of the association.

Member Subscription Fees 2018

Corporate membership FULL FEE Per person
single representative R 4 495.00   Associate Member (per person) R 3 070.00
2 representatives R 8 710.00 R 4 355.00
3 representatives R 12 615.00 R 4 205.00
4 representatives R 16 295.00 R 4 073.75
5 representatives R 19 590.00 R 3 918.00 APPLICATION FEES
(This is a once-off fee, payable with first application)
6 representatives R 22 660.00 R 3 776.67 Associate and Individual Memberhsip R 965.00
7 representatives R 25 420.00 R 3 631.43 Corporate / Ordinary Memberhsip R 1 145.00
8 representatives R 27 890.00 R 3 486.25    
9 representatives R 30 050.00 R 3 338.89
10 representatives and more (a set fee for the bigger legal departments i.e. Banking Industry) R 32 020.00  

* Amounts exclude VAT

Download a CCASA Membership Application Form (PDF format)

Associate Membership Ordinary Membership Update of details